The Unfortunate Truth

Topics: The Truman Show, Ed Harris, Reality television Pages: 5 (1870 words) Published: January 19, 2011
The Unfortunate Truth
“The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power, because they control the minds of the masses.” -Malcom X

Do you agree with this bold statement? I do… Unbeknownst to most of society, we are the media’s puppets. The media has the ability to control our every action, and our every thought. This is the unfortunate truth. “Why?” you may ask? This is unfortunate because we have the right to our own beliefs (political views, religious beliefs etc...) The media fills our lives with fake information, altered and censored opinions that stretch out the truth, and our society believes them to be true. “The Giver”, a society where people’s lives are controlled by sameness, “The Truman Show” a man’s life in a community ridded of the dangers of the real world is broadcast to millions of people, and “The Hunger Games” where hunger, death and misery is inevitable. What do these three have in common? Well that is what you are here to find out. First I’ll talk about “The Giver”, “The Truman Show”, and then “The Hunger Games.”4th, I’ll be talking about the similarities between “The Giver”, “The Truman Show”, and “The Hunger Games”, and finally the differences. Personally I do not believe that sameness is worthwhile, diversity and being unique is something that everyone should be glad about.

“The Giver”….ahhh , a community with beautiful blue skies, pretty colors everywhere, hills, and where people make their own decisions, like their job,spouse,house……

REWIND!! Wait a second, that is not “The Giver” at all, in the real community of “The Giver” there aren’t any colors, everything is the same dull grey color, even the sky and water. Therefore there aren’t any hills either, its all flat, because everything is the same. In addition to all this, the people in this community are assigned jobs and spouses, as well as children and their house. In “The Giver”, they are being ruled by sameness, along with the committee of elders. In this paragraph, I will be talking about how this community is controlled and how it has been affected by sameness, because it makes everyone think/act alike, just like media “controls the minds of the masses.” Their community has been immensely affected by sameness. People can do the astounding, yet depressing task of “releasing” a member of their community without acknowledging what an atrocious thing they’ve done, or even feeling a microscopic pinch of anguish or grief, instead they see it as a joyful day. Furthermore, as a result of sameness, every family unit lives in their assigned house with their assigned children. In their seemingly perfect world, sameness controls them, sameness is the media. Obviously for this community, the loss of diversity was VERY worthwhile.

Lying in the ruins of North America, are 12 districts, 1 capitol, and an epic, yearly battle to the death for 24 people. Panem is a country divided into 12 districts, what we’ll be focusing on is district 12, more specifically, sameness and technology that are present in this very diverse, complex district. As you have just read, “The Hunger Games” community is not very alike at all; there are people like the mayor or previous Hunger Games victors who are very rich, and have a lot of resources like medicine and warm water, because everyone else is either average or poor. On the other hand, the one exeption for the lack of sameness in Panem is the Capitol. There, the people all dye their hair and wear outrageous wigs, they dye their skin, lips, eyelids etc…all different colors, and they wear extravagant clothing with jewels and pearls. They wear excessive makeup and glitter all over their body. Since the Hunger Games takes place in the future, there must be new technology, well there certainly is, they have a lot of evidence of technology in Panem, the peacekeeper’s have weapons (guns, cross bows etc…)This tells me that there...
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