The White Horse of Alih

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April 3, 2013

The White Horse Of Alih
The story started of as Alih the protagonist, moved along the crowd which was celebrating the Fourth of July celebration. They were expecting a lot of people in this event because they planned a mass assassination in the town. The story then went on concentrating on the actions and what the characters are thinking before their planned killing. Alih was thinking of history and the past memories of their family. His father was accused of killing a man that he did not kill. Alih and Omar’s father was the hadji back then and that he attended the Mecca. The Americans wanted him to submit to the judgement of the Americans. The story continued with the life of Omar and Alih as merchants. They sold their house, their boats, fishing nets and even their mother’s pearls. They then worked for Lim Ching which was a Chinese merchant. They were then robbed by men with guns and clubs. They then went back to sea and stayed there for a long time. After the consumed all their stock of food and water Omar began thinking of killing and dying. By killing we can wash our shame away’ said Omar while staring into the space. The story then went on moving to the parade. Alih saw a girl which resembled his friend that he rode with in the carousel. After confirming that the girl he is looking at is really Fermina, his brother Omar then went berserk and unsheathed his sword and killed people. Omar then went to kill Fermi abut Alih protected her and killed his brother Omar psychological, issue on jihad or revenge, differences in religion and culture, and alienation. Most of the issues were seen throughout the story specially the issue on jihad which was very prominent. The story was centered in the jihad or revenges of the protagonist and his older brother to the American race because...

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