The White Knight

Topics: White knight, Morality, White Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Racism has been a plaque that has been alive on early as early as 800Bc and hasn’t seem to have died yet. It can strike anyone, wether your african, or american or indian. In this short story it has seem to have struck the white knight. The life of the white knight consists of his adventures in search of the evil black knight in which he grows from a innocent young gentlemen to a wise old man.

The white knight was the ideal prince as some say;he was the champion of virtue and honor and justice and was in search of evil. Evil as he saw it was the black knight. He began his journey with a snow white horse, to match him. His journey lead him from being the innocent man he was to committing crimes only a negligent being would. The white knight stole buns from the baker shop because of hunger. Stole a white horse from the stable because his went lame and he was forced to. Last but not least the white knight had to commit one more good deed; he was tired and when the in keeper’s daughter gave him her bed he accepted and in return gave her love. When he was strong enough to leave the inn he left the lady behind in her pity, in love with the good old white knight. In pursuit of the black knight he had carried out every sin that made the black knight evil and was no longer innocent.

Innocence is “freedom from sin,moral wrong or guilt thorough lack of knowledge of evil”. The white knight has sinned;he had hurt others and stole from others. He committed crimes that were morally wrong; to break someones heart, to use a human being is a act that should not be engaged in. Knowledge of evil was something he had indefinitely; he was in search of the evil black knight after all, with a fabulous criteria of what the black night was. By the time the knight had finally found the black knight and slayed him in a single combat he began to realize that the black knight was in him all along. Evil is always within us and not within a color, but for poor old white knight it was...
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