The World of Christmas

Topics: Christmas, Biblical Magi, Nativity of Jesus Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Christmas is celebrated differently throughout the season from country to country. Many different ways people celebrate Christmas. Depending on the culture, the Christmas season starts, and ends at different times and has different special days. Some have a Santa-like figure or gift exchange and some celebrate it on the 25th of December, and others enjoy it on another date. There are many way to celebrate the meaning of this merry holiday. Spain, Mexico, and Sweden are countries that celebrate Christmas in vastly differing ways. Even though Christmas is the same holiday it is celebrated differently throughout the world. On December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception officially begins the Christmas season in Spain. Every year, the occasion is celebrated before church in Seville with a ceremony called Los Seises or the dance of six. Literally a dance is performed, though not with six people, but ten boys in complex costumes making beautiful musical movements In contrast most other western nations; here Christmas in Spain is not a huge commercial occasion as it is observed with vast devotion and faithfulness. Cheerfully, in almost every home in the country from the second half of December Christmas trees go up. People go out to have a few drinks with friends and rush back to enjoy mouthwatering dishes with their family. Christmas dinner is never eaten until after midnight. A typical Spanish Christmas dinner begins with the serving of shrimp followed by roasted lamb. The Christmas traditional dessert that is served is call nougat which is made of toasted sweet almonds, flour and sugar. Children receive a modest gift on the 25th morning but they have to wait till the 6th of January to get their actual presents, supposedly from the Three Wise Men. In Mexico Christmas celebrations begin on December 12th, with the birthday of La Guadalupana and end on January 6th. Children usually do not attend school on January 6. They wake up early in the morning to find...
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