The young Adult

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Jean Piaget Pages: 4 (489 words) Published: July 20, 2015

The young Adult
Dionne Harris
PSY304: Lifespan Development (COE1451A)
Instructor: Carla Homburg
January16, 2015

Research has taught that parents have a major influence on the lives of their children from toddlers through adulthood. Certain characteristics such as culture, social emotional development and even cognitive growth contribute to the influence parents have on their children. Children learn and grow through watching the people who are examples, mainly their parents. Observational learning is “Learning through imitation” (Mossler,2011). While other factor such as peer pressure can attribute to who a child becomes the majority of the shaping comes directly from the parents. John Bowlby suggests that there is a direct link between childhood relationships and adult relationships . John Bowlby believed that in the early stages of child development the maternal relationship was the basis of the child becoming an emotionally balanced adult. He believed that the relationship should stem from a monotrophy maternal figure or substitutes loving, caring and consistent relations with the child (Mossler,2011). Bowlby believed that if a relationship was not formed then the child would be less able to form social relationships in adulthood, and would develop behavioral disorders. It seems that everything that we say in do in life has a direct correlation to what we were taught as children. Culture shapes and influences our perceptions, beliefs as well as ideas about ourselves and others (Sole, 2011). When a child is taught a particular behavior the child often carries that with them throughout their life, and the cycle often times continues as they pass this knowledge down on to their children. The reason such behaviors such as stereotyping exist is due to this factor. The Piaget's theory of cognitive development also backs this idea. Piaget’s theory basically believes an individual’s development is contingent on how a person,...
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