Theorist Report - Benjamin Spock

Topics: Developmental psychology, Infant, New Haven, Connecticut Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Dr. Benjamin Spock

Leonardo Franco
July 25, 2012
Theorist Report
Child Development

1. What is your theorists name?
The theorist I will inform you of today is named, Benjamin Spock.

2. Provide background information about your theorist (i.e. place of birth, age, family information, place of residence, photo, etc.)* Benjamin Spock was born in May 2, 1903. He was born to a family of six siblings, he was the eldest. He was a pediatrician, family doctor, and psychiatrist. At the age of 21 his father was an attorney and he was attending Yale to obtain his undergrad. while attending Yale University he was also a part of the 1924 Olympics crew team and assisted in obtaining the Gold Medal. this same year Spock transferred to Columbia University's Medical School. He also studied at a university in New York and studied for Psychiatric specialty. Three years later he gets married to Jane Chaney who he had met in Yale university and had 2 children later divorced her after 48 years of marriage. During their time as a married couple he attended New York university and went into private practice for medicine from 1933 to 1943. Afterwards he was called into war for the U.S. Naval Reserve. After Three years of war he returned to society as a Lieutenant Commander. upon his return in 1946 he had also written and published the world famous manual to raise babies which was names, "Baby and Child Care." This book sold 50 millions. this book also became translated into 30 different languages. This book established him as a well informed person about baby and children which made him one of the greatest pediatricians to publish. He obtained a position at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in 1951as a Professor of Child Development. Later he moved to Ohio and Obtained a job in child development within Case Western University. this was the end of his child development affiliated life....
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