Topics: Developmental psychology, Experiment, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: September 13, 2014

Date: 08/25/14

Vygotsky's theory highlights the impact of culture, peers, and adults on the developing child. To perceive his theory, Vygotsky presented the "zone of proximal development." This zone mentioned the difference in a child's performance when he tries to solve a problem on her own compared with when assistance is provided. As in preschools or kindergarten a child is having difficulty with writing letters .They learn it with the writing tools like tracing letters and with the help of an adult who writes out sample letters . The help from the adult is called scaffolding. The scaffolding in a child's early childhood helps support the child's development as of scaffolding of a building helps to support it. Vygotsky theory also analyzed the importance of cultural tools to the sociocultural approach. There are diversity in American culture .Most immigrant have English as a second language, when their children go to school as in preschool, they pick up English very quickly by adapting the culture around them As article mentioned that language play an central role in the mental development ,their performance progressed. Now a days computers are in culture. By getting involved in the cultural events and using the tools of the society, the child learns what is important in his culture. Multicultural education is also helpful. Vygotsky and Piaget have similarities between their two theories of cognitive development. There are also several difference .They agreed that development decline by age and children are very active learners .Some need assistance and some are not Piaget opposed the idea of “zone of proximal development”.Piaget favored the independent cognitive change while Vygotsky emphasized variable development.


1. They can be passed by one person telling a story to other person, by talking about the cultural and by speaking the native language.

2. Examples are, I tell my child a true story that was...
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