Tip Top Markets

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Tip Top Markets

The check sheet shows there are 184 customer complaints received during the past 8 Tuesdays.

Out of Stock
Poor Store Maintenance
Long check out waiting time
Defective products
Uncomfortable store temperature
Meat not fresh
Wrong price/under charged
Items not found
Unhelpful employees
Fish not fresh

As we can see on the table above, the number of out-of-stock complaints is the highest with 61 complaints, while the lowest complaints with 5 is the fish not being fresh. The category Others includes all other complaints that minor complaints like ATM ate card, lost wallet, dislike store decoration, etc.

Using the cause-and-effect diagram we will determine the main causes of the out-of-stock problem because it is the category which has most number of complaints.

Based on the cause-and-effect diagram, we could see that there are three main reasons for the frequent stock-outs:

1. Suppliers refuse to deliver to the markets because there are unpaid debts which have not yet been paid by Tip Top Markets. The reason for this is because the company has got not enough funds in order to pay. 2. Suppliers are also running out-of-stock and they don’t have enough products to deliver because there are not enough raw materials and importing raw materials involves great costs. 3. Lastly, suppliers can’t deliver due to some fortuitous event which is the typhoon that destroyed the crops and cause landslides in some roads which made them not passable.


First of all, in order for the company to reduce the number of complaints by the customers, they should first address and give solutions to the problems which has the most number of complaints which is the out-of-stock category. After resolving the problem, they should go on and focus on the next categories which the high number of complaints, and so on until...
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