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As we human being are biological being, we need to understand our biological make up, and we can only fully understand the different parts of our bodies by studying further. This essay aims to address research methods used to study and understand how we evolved.

Our knowledge of the human body has grown and psychology itself has become an expanding field of knowledge, various research and studies have been carried out on the brain. The most well-known of the brain cells are the neurons, the human brain contains around 10, billion neurons. Neurons are not like every other type of cell found in the human body, they do not usually reproduce themselves, in every other organ of the human body there is a continual turnover of cells, some very rapidly replace in hours. The function of the neuron is to transmit impulses from their origin to their destination i.e. to the muscle that controls movements of the legs and cardiac function. The nerve fibres of a neuron are not actually joined together but have a minute gap called synapse and this transmit from one neuron to another and again to the central nervous system which is the main communication system of the body it receives and interpret information from both inside and outside of the body. The nervous system has two main divisions: . The central nervous system comprising of the brain and spinal system . The peripheral nervous system excepting the brand spinal cord, which consists of 31 pairs of spinal nerves and 12 pairs of cranial nerves and a neuron, is a nerve cell design to receive stimuli from the body and conduct impulses to cell nerves. (Page 230, Phoenix. A and Thomas (2007) mapping psychology .each nerve comprises of a cell body a central muscle called axons and dendrites. The three main types of nerve impulses one is the sensory neuron which receives stimuli from the sensory organ and sensory receptors i.e. Pain,...

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