To Sir, with Love

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Mike Davis
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Four Things to Like About To Sir, With Love
The inspirational movie To Sir, With Love has many morals and values which, were taught in the movie. It changed the lives of all of those students who were in his class room. The movie has many important parts that really stand out to me. The top four spectacular things to like about this movie is how Mr. Sir cares about his students, the lesson being taught, the boxing match, and the party the student threw for Mr. Sir . These four scenes were the most likeable to me.

Mr. Sir is a very compassionate caring person that loves teaching students. His entire motive was to teach them how to be respectful to others. In doing so he commands his student to call each other Mr. and Ms., as a sign of respect. He acknowledges their feelings and asks them for the classroom topics to discuss. Throughout the movie he is caring, when he talks to Darla’s daughter about staying out to late. He also cares about their education and goes the distance to prepare a trip to the museum. He helps them in their goals to have careers after school. In doing these things he has gained trust from the students. There are many lesson taught in this movie that changed the attitudes of those students. They saw something different in Mr. Sir and they began to respect him. In many of their personal situations, they had remembered things said by Mr. Sir going through their heads. He taught them how to cook and prepare food. He had a class dedicated to show them how to cook. Mr. Sir let them express their mind, to teach them confidence. He also taught them to not use violence to get back at their enemies.

Mr. Sir taught a boxing class with the male students. He paired them into groups of two and there was one odd student that didn’t have a pair. The odd person name was Denim that had it out for Mr. Sir. Denim challenged Mr. Sir to a boxing match, to simply take out his anger on him. As they box against each other Denim...
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