toddlers and tv

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Toddlers and Television
February 1st, 2014
Stefanie Marschner

Toddlers and Television
In today's world everywhere, we go there is some type of media. In most homes, there are at least one or more TV sets. Adults are known for watching so much TV our younger generations are starting to develop the same habit if not worse due to more technology. Children are exposed to watching TV at such young age due to their parents watching TV. Children ages two to five years old watch an average of 32 hours of television a week, that is doubled that recommended amount per day. TV is a nice relaxing pastime for a couple hours but not when the privilege is abused. TV is ok but not when it is excessive television. When toddlers watch too much television it can cause health problems such as bad eating habits and obesity. Toddlers learn that watching TV is better than going outside to play. For a young child, it is important that television viewing is limited. Limited and monitored TV is ok because too much TV can delay a toddler’s development. It is important for parents to pay attention to what toddlers watch on TV and how much TV they watch. Toddlers understand more than we think; a parent must pay careful attention to the programs they watch in front of their children. There are so many negative habits a child can learn from television. A toddler’s brain can be like a sponge when they see an action or hear words on the television they may want to copy that action. It is important that when a parent is watch their own TV programs not to have their toddlers in the room. The programs that a parent may want to watch most likely may not be suitable for a toddler to watch. Toddlers are recommended to watch only two hours of television per day and not watch television until the reach the age of two years old ("Tv-Watching Guidelines For Toddlers", 2014). Toddlers are recommended to watch only two hours of TV a day because their brain is still developing. The...

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