Toodler Observation

Topics: Infant, Infant mortality, Child development Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Artemisa Conner
Field experience 1
TECA 1311.271

Infant observation

Objective Observation
I had the opportunity to observe one of the infants room at San Jacinto college. One my first day of observations there were three kids, two boys and one girl between the ages of three and seventh months old. I saw the teacher playing with two of the kids that were laying on the rug and the other baby was being rocked by one of the students that was doing observations. I notice that in this room were a variety of toys available for the babies. When a baby was tired of being on the baby rocket or tired of lying on his or her back or tummy, she placed the baby in a different position. Also, she placed them under the activity gym and put different kind of toys close to baby’s face or around them. Every time the teacher changed a baby’s diaper, she spoke warmly with the kids and played with them with a spheres that was hanging from the ceiling. On my second day of observation there were four kids. I notices that one of the kids was crying Even thought the teacher was Soothing or comforting him. This caught my attention because on my first observation, this baby was smiling and playing. I asked the teacher why he was acting that way and she told me that the baby’s mom told her that the baby was not feeling good. One of the babies that was playing on the rug start hitting the baby that was next to him, the teacher moved the baby to prevent this. During my observation I noticed this that teacher held the babies every time they feed them. I also noticed that when a baby was awake, they took the baby out of the crib promptly and put with the other kids on the rug area or just sit them on their laps. Subjective- Opinion

In my opinion this teacher was very responsive to their needs of the kids and shows a lot of...
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