Tortilla Curtain

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Tortilla and Orange Soda

When looking down into the valley from The Arroyo Blanco Estates, you will find an empty canyon or what looks to be an empty canyon. In the Arroyo Blanco Estates the Mossbacher family, Delaney, Kyra, and the step-son Jordan. The Mossbacher, is a well off family driving Japanese cars and having up scale products. Families do not normally look down upon the canyons below their houses and stop to think, maybe people live down there.

The poverty level in Los Angeles is at an upscale in society. One day while Delaney was going to recycle cans - seeing all the people carrying around their recycles to turn in just like him. While Delaney was reversing in his rear-view mirror he saw a man with a heavy black mustache, then on second look he did not see him. Delaney could not believe what just had happened to him right then- he hit Candido, the mexican man with the black mustache. While being a stuck up man Delaney’s first thought was about his car, dented, scratched, or were the insurance rates going to go up?

Unfortunately, Candido was hurt and it had looked as if he had some broken bones and a scratched up arm with ripped up pants. Candido was carrying tortilla’s and a orange soda, which cracked and spilled all over the ground. Delaney then caught his breath and finally got out of the car and checked on the poor man who he had just hit. The poor man was just lying there while Delaney was trying to talk to him to check on him, while Delaney did not know that Candido was not fluent in english.

As for stuck up Delaney did not want his car insurance to go up, he then offered the man twenty dollars to not say anything to the authroities. Delaney then offered to take Candido to the hospital to try and get some help for his wounds. Candido kindly declined the offer, little to Delaney’s knowledge Candido was an illegal immigrant. Candido then went on his way with his twenty dollars and went to find his girlfriend, America. When getting to...
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