Toys: Game and Children

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Game Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 1, 2013

Play is vital in the early stages of development of a child. Toys hence, play a very vital aspect in this stage of growth and development of a child. Toys are items that facilitate play. They are objects used to foster imagination in the children as they play. In actual sense, it is noted that children who are highly exposed to toys and much play at a young age end up intelligent. On the other hand, children who are restricted from play and toys while young grow up dull and withdrawn. This but explains the necessity to expose children to toys and other play objects while in the brain development stage. The essence of toys taken into account, it is vital now, to establish that society plays a major role in the gender stereotyping exposed to children at this tender age of play. It is all in a bid to separate the roles of either gender. In toy stores, you will find a separate section for the toys regarded as boys’ from that section of the toys regarded as girls’. Actually, even the colors used for either section vary. For the girl section, crimson, orange and pink are common. For the boys, navy, green and brown, which are viewed as masculine, are used. The toys common for boys are models of soldiers and comic heroes like Superman, Spiderman, Flash and Ben Ten. On the contrary, for the girl we have teddy bears and dolls for instance, Barbie, Polly pockets, My Little Pony and American Girl doll. This presents to the children, even at this tender age that girls are meant to be more subtle than boys. While still on this line of thought, it is important to add that there are some toys that foster aggressive nature. For instance the toy in form of a toolkit or a fire truck which would be found on the boys’ section would be necessary in preparing the child for the world out there. This fosters aggression. On the other hand, dolls and teddy bears and which can only be found on the girls’ section help only improve their...

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