Traditional vs. Online Education

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The School Systems

The battle between online education and traditional education has been raging since online school began. With online education, there is a higher chance for success due to the personalized approach to learning. Along with success in the learning area, you can also be successful in the business area of life. With online education, there is a much greater acceptance rate due to the “less strict” guidelines, as well as a broader area of class options because of the online aspect. For this reason, online education, is in my eyes, a much better choice than traditional education. Although face to face contact is considered the best form of education, online education is much more flexible than traditional education.

Not everyone can make time to sit in a lecture hall at eleven a.m. five days a week. Since it is much easier to keep a job while attending an online school, it allows you to make other commitments as well as have other activities due to a regular income. It is easier to keep a steady job and stay in school due to such flexible hours from an online education. Since Traditional classrooms have a schedule that you must stick to, it is much harder to keep a job. You can have other commitments as well due to the fact that most online schools have all assignments due on one day. You complete your degree while balancing your work and family responsibilities.

At a traditional school, you are exposed to a variety of distractions in the classroom that are seemingly uncontrollable. While in an online school, because your classroom is wherever you choose, it is easier to stay focused without the distractions of the classroom. At home, you are able to control what is around you, unlike in a classroom where distractions are uncontrollable.

Some online degree programs have frequent start dates, some even weekly. This allows you the opportunity to complete courses quickly. Online schooling gives you a broader spectrum of choices for...
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