Trans Atlantic Trade

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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: How it Affected Africa
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the largest connection between the Old and the New World in the 15th through the 19th centureis. The route went from Europe to Africa, Africa to the New World, and then the New World to Europe again. This route was used for slave trade with Africa and was used for centuries. Africans allowed this trade of slaves because the people being sent away were their rivals. Tribes that participated in the trading used their war captives as the people they traded; it was a win-win situation in their eyes. They were able to get their enemy males farther away and get luxury goods out of the deal. This trade between Europe and Africa took place all throughout the 15th to 19th centuries. Over time the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade had an enormous negative affect for Africa allowing a demographic toll in its states, left the country unstable politically/economically and socially diffenrent. Africa was left in much confusion and was very vulnerable in the centuries to come.

Africa faced a demographic toll as many as sixteen million total Africans were transported to the New World over time. But the shocking facts are how it grew so rapidly in the matter of five centuries. In the 15th through the 16th centuries a total of two thousand slaves were transported, then is the 17th century twenty thousand, in the 18th century was the height of the amount of people being transported at the amount of fifty five thousand. As time went and the products coming from the New World were being enjoyed and had a higher demand causing a demand for more slaves. Out of the sixteen million Africans transported only twenty-five percent of them died in the middle passage, which is approximately two million of Africans died. Losing so many people lead to a demographic disaster in Africa and hurt Africa greatly. As Walter Rodney states “The decisiveness of the short period of colonialism and its negative...

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