Trans Fat

Topics: Nutrition, Trans fat, Cholesterol Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Amanda Anderson
College Composition II
Prof. Bach
Essay 2

Should We Institute a State-wide Ban of the Use of Trans Fat?

Trans fats are a type of fat often used in preparation of fried foods in order to enhance the flavor and, in some cases, increase the shelf life of a product, but these inexpensive, artificially produced fats have been liked to heart disease because they increase levels of bad cholesterol in the body while lowering levels of good cholesterol and that is why I agree that we should ban the use of trans fats in New Jersey restaurants and food establishments.

According to The Washington Post, doctors and public health experts have presented numerous evidence that will make the public think twice about picking up a Whopper: Trans fats, which are chemically engineered, decrease levels of desirable cholesterol while increasing harmful cholesterol; they increase dangerous inflammation that can contribute to the onset of diabetes; and they harden artery walls, which increases blood pressure. Denise Whitely, Director of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association stated, “Two percent increase in trans fat consumption increases women’s risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 20 percent.” The National Federation of Independent Business also added, “Trans fats are linked to high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity.” Harvard Cardiologist and Epidemiologist Dariush Mozaffarian indicated that, “Up to 22 percent of heart attacks in the United States are the result of trans fat consumption.

I hope the New York City Health Department’s push to ban trans fatty acids from the city’s foods gets approved. I also hope that the Food and Drug Administration catches up. Several major cities - including Boston and Philadelphia - as well as the state of California already have banned or moved to phase out use of trans fats. In 2006, the federal government also began requiring food manufacturers to...
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