True Life: Reality Television Is Scripted

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Since the 1990’s, when reality television first started becoming widely popular, we have been able to see into the lives of different kinds of people, often turning everyday people into celebrities. With some of the most popular reality television shows, like Big Brother, True Life, American Idol, and most recently Jersey Shore, we are led on to believe that it is all real ("The Hunger Games Theme of Versions of Reality”). The reality of this television though is that most of it is either altered or manipulated just for our own entertainment. The directors of some of these shows often script, manipulate and plan situations to make the shows more appealing to their audiences ("How Much of the Reality”). Even in popular books like The Hunger Games where reality television is a theme, it is shown that it is changed just for the entertainment of the viewers ("The Hunger Games Theme of Versions of Reality”). While it is perceived to be real, the title of “reality television” is a misnomer because most showed turn out to be fake and scripted.

Reality television directors push their participants into exploiting themselves for the entertainment of their viewers. There are hundreds of reality television shows currently on, and they make up a large portion of what people are exposed to in popular media, especially young people. While most shows won’t admit to being scripted, in fear of losing their “reality television” title, some shows have admitted to planning situations to get a good reaction out to the cast, which makes for more interesting television. Also, some directors have said that they do push the participants to the edge when they can to get interesting reactions out of them. They say there are lines that they don’t tend to cross, but they like to mess with the mind of their participants of their shows ("How Much of the Reality”). By pushing the people to their limits, and manipulating situations, they basically do whatever they can to produce an...

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