Truman Show and Allegory of the Cave Reality essay

Topics: Reality television, The Truman Show, Product placement Pages: 3 (1201 words) Published: June 2, 2014

Our curiosity is immeasurable. When we are curious, we approach the world with a fresh perspective, we ask questions and we are fascinated by new experiences. Rather than chasing a schedule or an anticipated set of answers, we sought out to follow our own ambitions and question the world. In order to comprehend the world around us, one must question it. Among those questions we should be enlightened by the fact reality and the truth of the world around us. Plato in his ‘Allegory of the Cave’ contends that the world of the senses is a world of delusion; and a correct philosopher must see through this illusion to the truth. Socrates stated when defending his right to theorize, that an unexamined life is not worth living, stating the position of trying to gain a true concept of reality and the world around oneself. This significant theoretical belief is apparent in the 1998 film ‘The Truman Show.’ In which the main protagonist, Truman Burbank, has lived his entire life as the star of a reality television show. The show is displayed to a worldwide audience, twenty four hours and seven days a week. From the moment of his birth, he is unaware that his reality, the world around him, is merely an extravagant set; his coworkers, mother, wife and friends are all played by actors and his life is controlled by the director of the show ‘Christof.’ Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and “The Truman show” suggests that everyone’s perception of reality is different, and it depends on the environment or the world view you are bred in, however when an individual starts to question everything they are trying to determine whether the world around them is real or not by doubting in their personal relationships and investigating the surroundings around them making oneself question the presence of reality around with what is presented leading an individual to certain depths to discover the truth about the world. Truman unravels the truth about what is real when he takes action to...
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