Truman Show comentry Essay

Topics: The Truman Show, Reality television, Peter Weir Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Response to viewing essay – Truman Show
Declan Marshall

The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir, tells the story of Truman Burbank who learns that his life has been the basis of a popular reality television show. In this clip we see Truman weather the storm that Christof used to try and stop him. Truman then breaks through the barrier of the show’s set and talks to Christof for the first time when he is on the verge of leaving. Weir shows the strength of Truman’s character and the underlying theme, if you persist you will be victorious by using vignettes, costume and exaggerated diegetic sound. The Truman Show is an excellent film that really makes the viewers question their own concept of reality. A film technique that Weir uses is the vignette. Weir uses this technique when the storm ends and Truman’s boat is turning back up. This technique reminds the viewer of how very fake the world that Truman is living in is and how much he must persist to find the truth. It shows us how strong the character of Truman really is as he has continued to persist in this fake world, ignoring everyone else’s opinions whilst only trusting his own to find the real answers. It also builds on the theme that you will be victorious if you persist as Truman is getting closer and closer to what is behind the camera’s vignette as he continues to persist. A second film technique that Weir experiments with is the use of costume. Weir uses this technique during the scene where Truman is escaping on the boat. Truman is wearing a jumper with self-same stripes (stripes that are the same colour as the material they are on). These stripes symbolize Truman’s imprisonment in this world, similar to an old-fashioned convict’s prison stripes. Earlier in the film Truman wore very vivid stripes symbolizing his strong imprisonment within the show. In this scene his stripes are much less visible. Weir is showing the viewer that through his resilient and persistent character Truman is slowly breaking...
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