Truman's Dilemma

Topics: The Truman Show, Reality television, Noah Emmerich Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Truman’s Dilemma

Fear affects individuals when making life-altering decisions because we as humans are afraid of the unknown. In “The Truman Show”, Truman Burbank was a celebrity in the reality television world, but it was unannounced to him. His environment, friends and family were all just a mirage for the entertainment of others. He had a crippling fear of the ocean because of a tragic accident on a boat leading to the death of Truman’s father (or so he thought). This fear affected him when he was trying to escape his not-so-real life. It caused complications and forced him to find other means of escape. People would rather stay with an unhappy lifestyle rather than risk everything they have for something that can possibly end badly. Truman is scared of the ocean and what it represents, which is the unknown. Truman knows his role in society and what his life is meant to be. He has secure relationships that will not falter (unless otherwise scripted) including his wife, mother and friends. He knows that all of his problems that occur in Seahaven are trivial and solvable with little to no consequences in the end. What lies beyond the ocean is a mystery to Truman, it could be a new beginning or it could be a life of isolation and hardships. Truman was trying to find a way to escape his “perfect” life but his fear of the ocean and the uncertain was stopping him from achieving that goal. Truman Burbank was trapped in this “picture perfect” town that was entirely fake. Throughout the film, he discovers that his life is a lie, but only makes mediocre attempts to escape. This is because he is uncertain of what lies beyond Seahaven and its residents. Truman knows that his place in society and relationships with people are guaranteed as long as he stays, but his personal life would be broadcasted for the world to see. Truman was worried that if he were to leave, he would not know what to do with his life or have anyone to comfort him in times of need. Fear makes...
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