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Topics: Fiction, Charles Dickens, Short story Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The Sandwich Factory
a) Most people need to be stimulated and challenged to not become passive. To feel special and that the people around you need you are two important points, when talking about happiness and being content with your life. But before happiness and satisfaction comes survival. In society today survival is often connected with money. This sometimes means that you for a period of time will have to take any job offered to you. This I true in the short story “The Sandwich Factory”.

The short story takes place at a sandwich factory. The social environment described in the short story seems to be very hard and as an environment that will wear you out quickly e.g. p. 3, l. 93: “Most people left before they made it through a week.” This quotation shows that there must be many replacements at the sandwich factory, which means that only few people have worked there for a longer period of time, so the employees at the sandwich factory probably doesn’t know each other particularly well. It doesn’t encourage a good social environment that you don’t know your colleagues. I think that the picture “Relativity” shows this very well. In the picture you see several people doing their own things. They are living their own lives and have nothing to do with each other, which is the case at the factory in the short story. The managers at the sandwich factory creates a place of work where it is not okay to be insecure and where they threat the employees with sackings e.g. p. 1, l. 14: “Remember, never look confused. A confused manager is a vulnerable manager. And a vulnerable manager is an inefficient manager. And an inefficient manager is an unemployed manager.” The managers are being taught to use anger and spread fear amongst the employees. The environment creates an atmosphere of sad and bored employees that would rather do extremely physical demanding jobs than working at the sandwich factory. The persons being introduced in the short story are few. We meet the...
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