Tv as Form of Communication

Topics: Television, Reality television, Television program Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Most TV channels today air some kind of reality show in order to connect with their audience. These shows are based on ordinary people that do not have any more talents than the next person. At the same time families and friends sit around the television to see who will be the next contestant to win on a show like American Idol. Reality television is here to stay. It influences children and adults alike in a negative manner, which it specifically targets, but these two groups will watch knowing that reality television lets them escape reality, it has a bad impact on their health and changes their norms when it comes to their behavior. T.V shows are well known to influence how we behave, not only adults, but specifically on our children’s behavior. Certainly, children are the group most at risk who are easily affected by bad programs. Moreover, there are many movies and T.V shows out there right now that include: many sexual material, violence, and adult language that are definitely not good for our children's upbringing. According to (Gallozzi, 2011), “To deny that is to say advertisers spend billions of dollars on TV ads that don’t work. That’s silly. TV ads influence us, and so does everything else that appears on TV.” This goes to show that being exposed to reality television can lead children to imitate what they see on TV. In addition, for those parents that claim that their child is not exposed to this they need to take into account that your children watch reality shows at a friend’s house or without their supervision. On the other hand, a person in favor of reality television might argue that reality television is here to stay. In the Boston Globe it was stated by (Gilbert, 2010),”that insane stunts have become a habit, they lack any of the shock value or shock humor they may once have had. Like it or not, reality TV is here for good, going through the motions of crazy without being crazy in the least.” In other words the fights, which take place on...

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