Tv Consumer Behavior Report (2011)

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TV & video
trend report 2011

About this report
TV has been an integral part of people’s lives since the 1940s, providing consumers with news, information and entertainment. In other words, the medium has a long history of providing people with topics of conversation. Today, TV is arguably more important than ever – at least, this is implied when you see what people are discussing online or look at traffic data for fixed and mobile networks. At the same time, TV is evolving. In addition to scheduled broadcast programs, we now have video on demand, internet TV, 3D TV and TV applications. Today’s TV experience is richer than ever before. This enhanced experience comes from improved image quality, more content and the explosion of social media. These factors have changed the way we consume TV. Ericsson became aware of this evolution early on. We have studied how people consume TV since 2004. The 2011 TV and Video Consumer Trend Report is based on both quantitative and qualitative research methods. More than 13,000 interviews, representing the opinions of 400 million consumers, were conducted in June– August 2011 in 13 countries: the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Russia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Australia. This quantitative approach was complemented by 22 in-depth, in-home interviews with families in three countries: Germany, Sweden and the US. This document outlines some of the highlights of our findings.


AndErs ErLAndsson is in charge of the research for Ericsson’s annual TV and Video Consumer Trends report. He has studied consumer behavior, TV and media since 2005. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. His favorite TV shows are Eureka and The Big Bang Theory.

ConsumerLab is a knowledge-based organization that provides consumer insight to influence strategy, marketing and product management in the Ericsson Group. Its knowledge helps operators develop attractive revenue-generating services. It gains its knowledge through a global research program based on annual interviews with 80,000 individuals in more than 40 countries – statistically representing the views of 1.1 billion people. ConsumerLab 2

tv and media consumer trends 2011

have been doing this since 1995 and use both quantitative and qualitative research. It spend hundreds of hours on in-depth interviews and focus groups with consumers from different cultures. Its research includes general market and consumer trends and in-depth insights into specific areas. To be close to the market and the consumers ConsumerLab has team members in most of Ericsson’s market regions. Being part of the Ericsson Group gives it a

thorough understanding of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), its market and business models. This broad knowledge is unique and is the basis for their credibility and integrity. It sees the big picture, understand where the individual fits in, and know what this means for future trends and services.

key findings
will on-demand outgrow broadcast?

• Internet-based on-demand viewing, e.g. BBC iPlayer, continues to increase in popularity. This trend will continue. • People who claim that broadcast TV is dead or dieing are exaggerating. • The on-demand share of media spending is increasing compared to last year. • TV viewing is increasingly complemented by the use of social media. This trend is growing stronger.

CommEnT By AndErs: “on-demand viewing is increasingly popular, while broadcast viewing has decreased somewhat. The study shows that broadcast is still the most commonly consumed TV. People want both broadcast and on-demand viewing to be available. TV and video have not been negatively affected by the internet in the same way that print has; we just watch TV in many more ways than we did before. Cable companies and TV operators are offering more and better on-demand content and services than before. Looking ahead,...
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