TV is the Worst Entertainment for Children

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Television is an escape into a fantasy world. Everyone has a different preference of the kind of programs they like. However, TV is the worst entertainment for my children. Different types of TV programs such as movies, commercials, and TV news are a bad influence on my children’s health. To begin with, many TV movies have very violent content. Therefore, these type of movies affect my children. They want to imitate and pretend to be the actors that they see in the violent movies. In fact, terror movies have many scenes of murders and other crimes which scare my children. For instance, there are movies such as The Werewolf, Friday 13th and Die in the night. Also some cartoons with violent content and they are bad examples for them. With this preference for cartoons, my children are being exposed to a large number of violent acts in their viewing day. Cartoons such as The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z and Three Stooges are bad examples for them. Similarly, science fiction movies have violent content also and affect them emotionally. For example, Star Wars, District 9 and Moon Terror show violent scenes in their contents. Commercials are another part of television that does not contribute to my children’s health. They are likely to imitate what they see and hear on television. To illustrate, cigarette ads lead to consumption in their social life when they are in school, college and at their friend’s parties. Equally important, alcoholic beverage commercials create in their minds that drinking liquor is the only way they can have fun while on holiday, during spring break, at their graduation party and when they are out with friends at dance clubs. Finally, the food commercials are leading children to eat unhealthy foods by showing them that eating hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken is the “in thing” to do. Unfortunately, these foods create an obese society. In addition to movies and TV commercials, TV news has a lot of daily violent...
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