Tv: Negative Impact

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: February 3, 2011
Television: Negative Impact

Should children be permitted to watch TV on school nights? There are couples of factors to be considered; will this affect a students’ academics performance? Will the student be able to maintain his/her physical stamina throughout the day? The problem lies in the over usage of television by children and students alike. Students who have poor school performances, physically inactive and act violently towards others are dealing with consequences for excessive amounts of television. Too much TV viewing definitely reduces school performance. That interferes with study, reading, and thinking time. If children do not get enough sleep because they are watching TV, they will not be alert enough to learn well on the following day. TV also replaces active types of recreation. As well as decreases time spent playing with peers. A child has less time for daydreaming and thinking. Television takes away time for participating in sports, music, art, or other activities that require practice to achieve competence. TV discourages reading and exercise. Reading requires much more thinking than television. Reading improves a child's vocabulary. A decrease in reading scores may be related to too much time in front of the TV. An inactive lifestyle leads to poor physical fitness. If accompanied by numerous snacking, watching TV may contribute to weight problems. TV violence can affect how a child feels toward life and other people. Viewing excessive violence may cause a child to be overly fearful about personal safety and the future. TV hostility may numb the sympathy a child normally feels towards victims of human suffering. Young children may be more aggressive in their play after seeing violent television shows. While TV violence does not increase hostile behavior towards people in most children, it may do in impulsive children. Television has a tremendous influence on how children view our world. Kids spend more hours...
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