Understand Child and Young Persons Development 0-19

Topics: Developmental psychology, Childhood, Child development Pages: 12 (3910 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Unit – 506 Level 5 CYP| Units Criteria| ‘’We are moulded by and re-moulded by those who have loved us; and though the love may pass, we are nevertheless their work for good or ill’’ ( Francois Mairlac) 1. Explain the sequence of development that would normally be expected in children and young people from birth to -19 years.Children have certain basic, physical and psychological needs and if these needs are not met then growth psychological developmental will be distorted in many ways. Everyone needs shelter, food, water, warmth and not to mention grooming and hygiene, activities which are laid down in Maslow’s hierarchy of basic need. If they are neglected or unfulfilled then this will have an adverse effect and may delay the child’s development stage. As children grow older they should have opportunities to learn from experiences and to make mistakes. Adding to that, they need to take responsibility for their own behaviour and increasing independence in personal, social and money matters and just a sense of thoughtfulness for others.Erikson psychosocial theory of development has eight stages, each stage us named and has ‘’two opposed outcomes; the first one refers to the positive eg.trust. The second one is negative dysfunctional eg., mistrust. He also sees development as proceeding throughout our lifecycle. Erikson believes that the interaction between the individual and the social environment produces the eight stages of which they centre in a development crisis. In addition each child will have individual needs, unique to itself. 2.2 Analyse the difference between sequence of development and rate of Development and why the distinction is important. Opportunities to make helpful contributions to daily living at home or in a social group. Children who have suffered physical or emotional abuse neglect or who have had inconsistent primary carers become very confused not knowing how to interpret their feelings, they often get stuck at some early stages of development because they have missed the experience necessary to understand and move on. I find when a child is stuck and is unable to move forward, I have commenced a ‘’life book’’ to allow them to identify their sense of belonging and like a jigsaw fill in the parts that are missing.When completing individual needs of a young person, we would undertake a Care Plan which incorporates the following to assess the needs.Unit - 506 2.3 Analyse the reasons why children and young people’sDevelopment may not allow the pattern normally Expected. Identity:This will be around the child’s growing sense of self a separate and valued individual person. Their own views or self-image and self-esteem. If their self-worth is low a lot of work will be undertaken by the team to ensure it is boosted. Race, religion, age, gender, sexuality and disability may contribute to this feeling of belonging and acceptance by family, peer group and wider society including other cultural groups will be addressed.Health: Self Care Skills:This will include growth and development as well as physical and mental well-being and what appropriate health is to them such a well-balanced diet, exercise this could be included in their activity and educational programme –immunisations need to be checked. A visit to the doctors, dentist and opticians will be included in their developmental check-up. We would also look at their self-care skills, we would assess whether the child has practical, emotional and communications competences and whether the child could undertake activities away from the family and independent liking skill, it will be assessed if the child approaches social problems and how they would solve them. What their impairment and other vulnerabilities are, on social circumstances affecting these in the development of self-care. 2.1 Analyse how children and young people’s development is Influenced by a range of person...
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