Understanding the Dynamics between Art & Technology

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Understanding the Dynamics between Art & Technology
From the earliest moments of human history until the present and certainly into the future, the relationship between art and technology will be a dynamic one. Technology has directly impacted art forms such as architecture, photography, sculpture, and painting. Painting, sculpture, and architecture are much older art forms than photography, whose roots come from the latter portion of the 19th century. Nonetheless, each of these forms has changed technology and has been changed by technology. In numerous cases within each art form, technological developments in other industries, not related to art, influenced developments in each art respectively. The paper will discuss and consider connections between technology and art including culture and gender.

The great industrialization at the turn of the 20th century changed the world and every industry. The 20th century made possible the further development of existing industries and made possible the development of new industries such as the film industry. Major technological developments in the steel industry made possible new kinds of edifices for architects to imagine and construct. Developments in commercial aviation, commercial shipping, international trading, and mining made possible new kinds of painting as painters in the 20th century had more access to travel the world, sample new cultures, meet other artists, and take in other forms of inspiration to innovate the art scene. Technological advances in the plastic industries and with respect to digital technology made possible the emergence and continuous growth of photography as an art form. In some cases, influences in one art form inspire changes in another. For example, advances in photographic technology are inspired by the art form of painting; in this way, development of software such as Photoshop helps make digital photographs more closely resemble paintings. Moreover in this case of...
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