Unit 1 - Supporting the Teacher

Topics: Observation, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 4 (946 words) Published: February 18, 2013

Supporting the teacher:- assisting in preparing for a lesson, organising equipments, making sure all equipment is used safely by pupils, promoting good behaviour in the children , making displays, decorating bulletins boards ensuring class room is tidy, provide clerical support e.g photocopying Supporting pupil, motivate children encourage children to work together and cop-operate with each other, Looking after children who are upset or have had accidents Support the school Comply with policies relating to child protection, health and safety, security, data protection, Participate in training, Assist with the supervision of pupils Support the curriculum: have good knowledge of the curriculum and support the pupil.

GIVE EXAMPLE OF SOME TASKS THAT CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY A TEACHING ASSISTANT TO SUPPORT THE TEACHER Following task can be carried out by teaching assistant to support the teacher: * Prepare the classroom for lessons

* Listening to children read
* Help with English and maths
* Assisting with school summer fair, sports days and concerts * observing pupil performance and report to the teacher
* Looking after children who are upset or have had accidents * Undertake appropriate administrative tasks, e.g. produce worksheets for agreed activity., laminating, etc

Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

I would make sure
* Too check all the equipment is clean and in good repair so there are no safety issues. * there are enough instruments for the pupils
* I had knowledge of the instruments myself so, i would show them how to use the instruments correctly.

* Making sure that music sheets are available if needed.
I would Supervise children using the instruments, e.g. check they hold them correctly, use...
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