Unit 2-Development from Conception to Age 16 Years

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Theory of cognitive development Pages: 6 (1837 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The area of development I have chosen is physical development. A definition of physical development -This is the time when the body develops its performance, having complete control over the body. A child will expand in itself physical performances in both age ranges from birth to three years and from three to seven years. This development is divided into two fundamental sections; Gross motor along with Fine motor . Gross motor are the greater movements that obligate good muscle development plus control which are sectioned off into Gross motor skills and locomotion skills. One being the ability to use numerous limbs for example throwing a ball, the other being everyday movements e.g. walking as well as running. Fine motor corresponds; the term describes minor movements that engage smaller muscles to work. This is yet again broken down into two key sections; Fine manipulative skills- the minor movements that are needed when doing puzzles, drawing, painting or writing. Along with fine motor skills- the combination of hand plus wrist actions for e.g. opening a door The combination of hand-eye coordination, Foot-eye coordination and balance are additionally found in both gross and fine motor to help the child develop. Which can be linked to brain development .This is because “Maturation of the nervous system is linked to brain growth and development. In term of physical development, this growth effects the development of gross and fine motor skills”.(CASHELevel3ChildCareAndEducation/PennyTassoni/pg40)As a child grows with age coordination and balance should become natural given that the brain develops and becomes more intricate. Birth to three years period is a very significant time in the child’s life, during this time they will progress as well as absorb lasting skills. They will learn to develop in many different areas along with numerous milestones they should achieve according to their age. These milestones are set into the gross and fine motor category, examples of the major steps a child from birth to three years should achieve are; •lifting up head and chest

Sitting up unsupported
self feeding
Walk without any help
Draw simple dots and shapes
Complete a simple puzzle
kick a ball

Physical development is an on going progress, between the ages of three to seven years movements and activates will become a lot more difficult, compared to the birth to 3 years category. This is because the brain is widening its skills and knowledge. Examples of milestones that are aimed to child from three to seven years are; •can ride a tricycle

use scissors to cut easy shapes
use one foot to hop
knows how to right their name
can use a skipping rope
precisely cut out shapes
has good balance for skipping, hopping or jumping

Another significant development that I have chosen is language development. “The acquisition of language though the gradual expansion in complexity and meaning of symbols and sounds perceived and understood by the individual”( http://www.earlytolearn.com/glossary-of-terms/). This means that language development is not only about speech itself but referrers to the multiple ways to interact along with communicate. For example listening abilities, the knowledge of reading along with writing, signs and symbols for the hard of hearing, or even the babbling of babies. These are all ways in which children express their emotions, putting across their view as to what they are thinking. Communication is set in many stages it may take a child a generous period of time to use words in which are politically correct. However by communicating with sounds, actions and broken vocabulary mothers or other people close to the child will soon understand what the child is intending. It is also the adults responsibility to correct their children along with educate them in the correct grammar and meanings of words. Language development is set according to age the stages indicate...
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