Unit 20 Evaluation

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Unit 20 evaluation

I am working as part of a group which has developed a local health education campaign. The campaign we have chosen is the smoking campaign. I will review and reflect on the success, or otherwise of the health intervention so that lessons may be learned to improve the campaign.

Key skills
- Reflecting
- Explaining
- Expanding
- Justifying

Ethical issues involved in our groups campaign

One ethical issue our groups campaign faced was that we had to present first thing back after the half term. This was very hard for us since we did not get much practice due to the fact that we do not see each other outside of school. It was also another issue because we needed time to set up and get the class settled down in time so we can have enough time to present. Solution:

To overcome this ethical issue, we emailed each other what research we had collected and any other things we had done and added to presentation so that everyone was up-to date with what was going on. To overcome the time issue, we came into school extra early so we can print out whatever was needed, set up the class room and remind the teacher we were presenting as they could have forgot over the half term. We did this all very well and it worked out fine. Issue

Another ethical issue we faced was when we could not find a year 7 class to present our campaign too when it suited every individual in the group. This was an issue because some people had to ask the teachers if they could miss their lessons when they had exams coming up. However they was not allowed to do that. So we then had to miss the first period of our health and social care lesson. Solution

To overcome this issue, we had to miss a lesson which was not a problem for both us students and teachers. The lesson we missed was the first period of health and social care. The teacher was okay with it and we let her now in the morning just in case she had forgotten. Issue:

Another ethical...
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