Unit 201 Child And Young Person Development

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Unit 201: Child and Young Person Development.

Outcome 1: Know the main stages of child and young person development. [1.1]
Describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years, to include: A) Physical development
B) Communication and intellectual development
C) Social, emotional and behavioural development
New Born to three years.
Physical Development
New born babies need support as they have very little control over their own bodies. As they grow their movements develop further. Their first movements include crawling, sitting, grabbing and pointing. Once they start walking their physical development progresses into running, hopping, jumping and rolling. By the time a baby reaches three years of age his/her physical development is more refined, they can now paint, colour and scribble as well as understanding and navigating around their environment. Communication and intellectual development

The first voices babies are aware of are that of their parents. They begin to learn distinct voices and sounds as they grow. Babies a few months old will start and try to mimic the sounds of their parents and by twelve months they will eventually form their first words. Social, emotional and behavioural development

Babies develop strong attachments to their parents they will transfix their eyes onto their mother or father and follow their movements. Babies communicate and express themselves to show how they feel through sounds and facial expressions. If a baby is uncomfortable they will let their parent know by crying. They want to try and do things for themselves but can become very frustrated if they fail at something they try to do but can’t. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/tc/growth-and-development-newborn-topic-overview Three to Seven Years

Physical Development
They have more confidence and further control of their fine motor skills. Their control over eating utensils is more refined, they’ve developed...
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