unit 8 activity plan s care need

Topics: Infant, Child development, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: June 25, 2015

Charlette Cox
The setting in which the activity will take place is a nursery and it will take place within the baby room. There will be 2 other members of staff present and the number of babies varies. There isn’t a title for the activity as it’s more of an experience as it’s to suit a care need. He is & months old. The aim of this experience is to help meet the baby’s individual care needs when changing a nappy. I have chosen to do this activity because my supervisor guided me to do him as he wriggles when being changed. To do this activity I observed the child whilst there nappy changed. The activity that I have planned is to when the baby needs his nappy changing to do it myself whilst being supervised by a member of staff. So when I get the baby to change them if they get upset or distressed to let them bring a favourite object that they enjoy to play with and talk or sing to them. “babble spontaneously, using first monosyllables” Meggit, C, (2006) pg 36 age 6 months. This way it won’t be known to the baby as something that they don’t like as they will be distracted with their object or singing. This is meeting the babies individual care needs. The learning outcomes that a baby will get from this is for physical development when the baby has their nappy removed they will be able to have free movement and wriggle around, an intellectual development that they will develop is if there being spoke to about a picture, they will maybe learn and recognise the character, a time with a practitioner and spending quality time together, social development will be developed by having the communication with practitioner and having a conversation. I started the activity by preparing the changing service where the baby was to be changed. I ensured that the changing mat was wiped down and that I had gloves and an apron on. Then when the baby language development is if they are being spoken too, they are given the opportunity to have one to one communication with the...

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