University Lecture Hall Problems

Topics: Classroom, Lecture hall, Educational facilities Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: November 21, 2011
University lecture hall problems
The best years of our lives are supposed to be in college. Crazy parties, your own life and space, and very little work. It comes to no surprise that most freshmen are met with a shock and awe feeling when they enter a university. For example the University has given me and I’m sure thousands of other freshman a surprise. One of the biggest would be the classes and class sizes. They range from a small English 101, with less than 25 students, to a very large lecture hall class, with over four hundred students. The quality of the educational system in the University system would be improved if the amount of Lecture Halls were lessened in the system. Lecture hall is typically as a large room used for instruction at a college or university, however unlike most classrooms, the capacity of lecture halls is usually measured in the hundreds. As you can imagine, during a lecture hall class many things are going on. If you listen the sounds of pens dropping on the concrete ground echo, clicks and clacks of laptops go on and on, students whispering to each other from every corner of the room, every now and then a door opens and shuts, and all this time the speakers resonate with the voice of the professor giving the lecture. You look around to see rows and rows of students aimed downward, a display with power point slides of the topic, screens of laptops , some students concentrating on the professor but most have their attention on something else, and a professor going on and on about the subject at hand.

To freshmen, Lecture Hall is by far one of the most intimidating ways college is different than high school. Most first year students are coming from a relatively small sized class room with some sort of intimate relationship with the teacher. Two months after senior year they’re launched into an auditorium with a teacher who has no clue what their name is let alone a one to one connection. It would be impossible for professors to...
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