Victimization of African Americans

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Hyunuk Oh
Trauma, memory, and forgiveness
John Weaver
November 20, 2013
The Slavery of African Americans
Slavery in the United States has been practically glorifying prejudice based on race. In fact, most of the slaves have been African Americans. Also, the slavery in all across North America has had existed for about 168 years. By 1804, most of the Northern states abolished slavery institution, but the invention of cotton gin in 1793 increased the use of slaves in the South. However, after the Civil War, the victory of the Union eventually freed all the blacks across America. Besides, the history remembers how evil and cruel it was to allow slavery in the nation. Although some people might think that allowing slavery in the U.S. is legitimate, I believe that the slavery of African Americans is logically illegitimate because African Americans have been victimized only because they were born with darker skin color. Moreover, taking away their basic rights, putting them into terrible conditions and damaging to Africa, shows the victimization of the Blacks in America. First, the enslavement of African Americans cannot be legitimized, because it is ethically wrong to take away others’ rights based on their skin color. During the era, people treated African Americans like how they would treat a domestic animal. Especially the Southern Whites often proposed that Blacks were inferior. However, the Quaker teacher, Mr. Benezet, proved that this was a misconception by claiming his experiences, which was gained during 20 years of teaching black pupils. Also, Captain Thomas Phillips, one of the most famous slave trader back in 17th century, illustrated in his writings that the raciest views were wrong and that a person should not be judged on their color. Moreover, We, the human being, are all equal; likewise, no one should be taken advantage of in any shape. However, how the Whites have took advantage of the Black slaves was victimizing and also illegitimacy. Also,...
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