Virtual Child Assignment 2

Topics: Jean Piaget, Child development, Infant Pages: 4 (1677 words) Published: August 5, 2013
My Virtual Child Assignment 2 (75 Points)
Corresponds with Chapters 3-6 in the textbook and ages 8-18 months in the program. DUE: Wednesday 2/6/13 (Must be turned in during class hours)

1. Assignment must be typed and printed (un-typed assignments are considered incomplete and will not be graded) 2. Bring your printed assignment to class on Wednesday (2/6/13). Assignments not turned in during class on this day will be considered late and penalized. 3. Insert your answers under each question below.

4. Run your virtual child and answer all the questions for 8 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, and 18 months (points will be deducted if you have not completed all of these ages) 5. Use complete sentences and correct punctuation and grammar. Your score will be reduced if there are grammatical errors and/or incomplete sentences.

1. What does the pediatrician tell you at the 9 month physical exam? Provide one example of your child’s emotional/social development (e.g., attachment or emotional security). Provide one example of your child’s physical development (e.g., motor skills) and provide one example of your child’s cognitive development. How does your child do in each of these domains and is there is reason for you to be concerned with the results of this test? Do not just say that the doctor’s exam says he/she is healthy, but for each of these domains (emotional/social, physical, cognitive), provide an example of your child’s behavior or functioning that shows his/her development up to this age and assess whether you think this level of functioning is normative and healthy. (15 points total, 5 points for providing a specific example of each domain and describing how it compares to typical development) Helga has started physically maturing and has begun to use her body to communicate to me what she wants, such as reaching for things she wants. She is starting to become mobile, which is scary. She is crawling and always on...
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