Topics: Africa, Atlantic slave trade, West Africa Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: November 27, 2013

16 October 2013
Voodoo- The Misunderstood
People from all over the world wonder about the topic of Voodoo. The general thought is that it is strictly evil and all it does is summon zombies and people play with voodoo dolls. This paper will tell you about Voodoo in its original or real state, not the ones we see in TV shows or movies. It will tell about the basics, what it is, what the origins are, who the people are who use it today, why Voodoo is practiced, what are some of the rituals performed and lastly, does it actually work? Voodoo is actually a religion that originates in Africa. Many people spell it “Vodou” which translates from the languages of West Africa and is believed to mean ‘spirit’, which is fitting because is traditionally a religion of spirits. There is considered to be a good and bad side to this. The good includes practices of healing and medicine and is referred to as Rada. The bad contains the ‘darker’ side, like black magic, spells, and voodoo dolls is called Petro. Voodoo is practiced around the world but there is no accurate count on how many people actually practice the religion. It has no scriptures or world power, it is community centered and supports individual experience, empowerment and responsibility. It is in many different parts of the world, and varies from community to community. Voodooists believe that the world of human beings is shared by the world of spirits. When a person dies, his spirit passes on to the world of the unseen but is still able to see the human world (). Several Voodooists believe that the spirits can actually impact the world of the living. Voodoo embraces and surrounds the entirety of human experience, therefore it is practiced by people who are not perfect and may use religion for their own purposes. There are three main varieties of the religion; Haitain, Louisiana and West African Voodoo. The believers keep alive an oral tradition of their religion and culture which includes rites, chants,...
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