Watching a Movie at Home Is Better Then at the Cinema.Do You Agree?

Topics: Movie theater, Film, Box office Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Watching a movie at home is better then at the cinema.Do you agree?

Some people think watching movie in a cinema is better. Other think watching movies at home is better. Which do you prefer?Nowadays, many people prefer watching movie in a cinema. They believe that the cinema has a better atmosphere to enjoy the movie. However, from my perspective, people who watch movie at home are indeed happier and freer than people who choose the cinema.In addition, people who watch movie at home are more comfortable. Contrary to the fact that you have to book the ticket in advance in order to have a better position, there is no need for people at home to worry about the ticket. They can enjoy movie at any time they want, and at any position they like. There is the possibility that they can watch movie at midnight or at six o`clock in the morning. Furthermore, people who prefer watching movie at home wouldn`t have to face any traffic problem. No people want to spend the same time on the way they go to the cinema and watching movie. I believe that the comfort at home is so appealing and admirable for people.Besides that, people who watch movie at home have more freedom. Understandably, in the cinema, we cannot go outside and do something personal because movie don`t wait us. Especially in some high- speed movie, if we miss part of the movie, we may are not able to understand the movie. Another problem is cinema just provide snake such as pop corn or Coca-cola. That is really simple. However, we would not have to worry about them. First, we are free at home. We can pause the movie any time we want in order to do other things, or even can we repeat part of the movie when we confuse about some details. Then we have more choices on snakes too such as fruit and cake. There is the possibility to watch movie during the dinner. Suffer with much more limitation; people who go to cinema are not so free compared with who stay at home.Admittedly, most expert consider that cinema...
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