Week 3

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Child development Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: February 10, 2015
3.1 Analyse the importance of early identification of developmental delay. 3.2 Explain the potential risks of late recognition of developmental delay. When a child is not doing what other children his or her age usually we say they have a developmental delay. These children develop more slowly or differently from what we expect. This can be physical, cognitive, communicative, social, or emotional. For example, a child who is delayed may not begin to talk when others do or may have some other difficulties which cause concern. In some cases there may be an obvious reason but in other cases the reason may be unclear. Some children can catch up to other children his or her age with no assistance, many will not. For example, a child who has a hearing loss will eventually learn to speak, but he or she may learn incorrect pronunciations of words, miss out socially and become frustrated and angry. When hearing loss is diagnosed early, a child can be fitted with a hearing aid and work with a speech therapist to avoid falling behind. Therefore, it is a good idea to get an early intervention team to examine a child experiencing learning difficulties and determine if special assistance is needed. Small problems are then contained and with the correct support will remain small and not escalate into bigger issues if left unattended. However if intervention is too soon this can be detrimental to the child. There could be a mis-diagnosis, which could encourage certain behaviours. For example if a practitioner suspects a child is suffering from dyslexia and speaks with the parents to put a plan in place. This could cause some emotional issues at home. Other children would notice any changes in the teacher’s attitude and the child would be ‘labelled’ as dyslexic. However, if this is a wrong diagnosis and wasn’t adequately assessed, the child would have this ‘label’ attached to him. Sometimes it is difficult to remove these...
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