Week 3 You Decide

Topics: Marketing, Economics terminology Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Raymond Burke’s idea is great. It gives us the safest hit in the new market and keeps our risk low. The con is that we might lose our technological advantage in 2 years. Another con is that we lose most of our control and money if we partner with an existing company.

Kathy Lee’s idea brings up a lot of concerns. She wants to keep complete control of the vehicle and only market it to the select few that are already devoted to us. The pros of this are that we keep our tech advantage to ourselves and keep all of the money. The cons of this are that we might not make as much money as we could if we marketed wider.

Allison Tanney’s idea is the similar to Raymond Burke’s. She wants to partner with an existing company instead of doing it alone. The same pros and cons apply to her idea.
Patricia Lopez’s concern brings up the market strategy. Who do we want to market this product to? If we market to the frugal consumers then we only target a select few in the country. Same thing if we target to the eco-savvy customer. So the main concern with us is that we want to:

Maximize exposure to the new tech
Maximize profit
Do not abandon settled market
Grab hold of a new market
Make it easy for the consumer to own car
My Suggestion:
We create a separate branch of our company that is still associated with our company. (IE: Boe) ((So it can be like Boe and Aero)). This way the new car can be associated with whatever we want it to be without abandoning our current market. We can have it be associated with a less prestigious version of the current market so new members can find it easy to enter into the company and old consumers will still be able to keep our status/lifestyle mentality. I do not want to partner with an existing company so they can make profits on our tech. I want to keep the tech to ourselves and go it alone so we can make all the profit and keep it in the company. Instead let us hire an American car development team to design a car that can...
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