Whale Rider Movie

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Greetings, thank you all for being here today. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Faidah Manishimwe, but you can call me Faidah. The purpose of my talk today is about Koro (pai’s grandfather, the village chief). This oral presentation will discuss the cultural issues which Koro had with his community as he was a chief who faced many issues and I will compare them to my own situation. Issue 1

As Koro was getting older he became worried about his community and the fact it might collapse. For this reason he discussed this issue with Porourangi (Pai’s father) before he headed to Germany as an artist. As Porourangi refused to become the next chief Koro became so angry and as a result Koro decided to open a new culturally based school only for boys, thinking that the chosen one would be the next village chief. This also relates to my own experience that I have had in my life. My father used to be a chairman of our community; he was the one who was responsible for the communities’ welfare. Accordingly, I did not want to replace my father’s role in the community. This is because today people don’t behave or believe in the old ways. For example, back in the early days, they were so many tribes that had they own tribal language, but because these days technology has played a big part in our beliefs , many tribes have disappeared. Issue 2

Koro’s traditions were slowly collapsing as he was very traditionalist in old ways. As he was a chief of the community he noticed that all of his followers were no longer interested in the ancestors. An example of this is when all of people from his culture started leaving the community as Pai’s father left. In comparison to my own situation, this issue genuinely relates to my father’s story going back to 1998 when my father was a chief. Even though my father was not traditionalist like Koro, he did some roles in the community just like Koro. As my father was a chairman of our community in the early 1990s his role was to make...
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