What Effects Development in a Child Article Summary

Topics: Infant, Developmental psychology, Childhood Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: June 28, 2013
What Affects Development in the Child Stage

Ages and Stages by: Carla Poole, Susan A. Miller, EdD, and Ellen Booth Church
In this article about child development, and what affects each stage, the authors go into detail about numerous factors that are vital to the future development. In stages, birth- 2 years the parents and those surrounding the infant and toddler directly affect his or her ability to build a sense of self. (Poole, Miller, EdD, and Church, 2013) Meaning what makes a baby who they are is the consequence of how much love and attention they are introduce too. The more interaction (talking, holding, and facial expressions) a baby/ toddler is exposed with determines how developed there motor skills will be later on in development. The second stage speaks of age 3-4. In these stages of the child’s development, it is clear that the relationship gets much stronger in these years. They are getting to know you, as you are getting to know them.( Poole, Miller, EdD, and Church, 2013) You learn what their like and dislikes they have, what makes them happy, and what makes them afraid, just like they do about you. At this point of development, the child no longer sees themselves as a baby, but rather an individual. I am exposed; to both age groups, one and two currently. My 5 month old is very dependent on me versus my 4 year old son who can do many things himself (feeding, dressing, and playing independently). However, even though the age differences are vast they both have something in common. They need interaction and contact from me and their father. In addition, it is vital for children to be expose to outside sources as part of their development (playing and seeing other children, going outside being exposed to nature, and having alone time). Lastly, ages 5-6. In these age groups it is discussed that the child’s development blossoms from “me” to “us” being more mindful that they want to be associated and interact with a group more so than...
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