Why do so many people like the walking dead?

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Why do so many people like The Walking Dead?
Audiences these days are fascinated with the idea of how life would be if something on an apocalyptic scale would occur. Some believe that there will be some kind of doomsday occurrence that will radically change the world as we know it. A few television producers have successfully taken the ideas of these people and made them into entertaining series that keep audiences glued to their TVs wanting more. One of these would be “The Walking Dead”, a TV series about life after an outbreak of a new disease that turns people into flesh hungry reanimated corpses and how life dramatically changes after the this disease was released.The show was made popular by how the producers could take the idea of a post apocalyptic world and make it seem so real. The show starts off a few days before the outbreak begins then cuts to a few days after the disease has taken hold of the country and devastated the population creating what the survivors call “walkers.” this gives few details of who the characters are and how the dead reanimating disease was created then later released to devastate the world’s population. As the series progresses viewers see how the outbreak begins to change the thoughts and actions of the people that survive and how they manage to survive where others have not. The show follows them day by day and gives the audience a view into the lives of the characters and how the outbreak has affected their lives. They were able to take the idea of a world full of zombies and turn the idea up a notch. In every episode that has been released so far, the writers and producers have successfully made each episode give enough information and action to keep the audience glued to the screen while making sure they will come back the following week for the next episode.

The producers have spent a lot of time figuring out how to produce this new television series and make it the kind that keeps the audience on their toes and...
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