Why Jersey Shore is so Popular

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Millions and millions of people all over the United States have been watching the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore” for five seasons straight now. It is a wild, offensive, and mildly degrading show. Why is it so popular? In the article written by James Poniewozik, he describes reality TV as being successful because of the audiences’ contempt for it. He says that it makes the viewer feel tawdry, dirty, and cheap. That’s why people watch it. “Jersey Shore” is an excellent example of reality TV that makes people feel that way. “Jersey Shore” shows a lifestyle that is unrealistic and not possible for the average, young adult. It shows a lot of drama, which entertains people. People like watching the mistakes, and embarrassing things other people do. “Jersey Shore” shows a lot of that.

The characters on “Jersey Shore” party almost every night of the week, and they work part-time at the Shore Store. That lifestyle is completely unrealistic for the average young adult watching. The average young adult that watches this show is either a student or works a full-time job. By watching this show, a person almost gets to live vicariously through the characters of the show. In episode 504, characters Snooki and Deena decide to go out and drink at the bars all day, and then they go out and party all night. Then they repeat it the next day. People are entertained watching other people do these things, since it wouldn’t be possible for them to do it themselves. All of the characters go out to clubs almost every night. They sleep around with a different person every weekend. They are always doing something exciting and crazy. It’s impossible for the average person to do the things they do, and still live a good life. So, people are content to watch others do it. And of course along with drinking and partying always comes the wild drama.

“Jersey Shore” is full of drama. Regular viewers get to see the drama happen and unfold week by week. People are excited to...

Cited: Poniewozik, James. “Why Reality TV is Good For Us.” Time. Time, 12 Feb 2003. Web. 12 March 2012
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