Why Watching Tv Is Bad

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: March 2, 2012
Here is a question that comes to mind, but is it ever really thought about? Does television make people smarter? According to Steven Johnson’s “watching TV makes you smarter” he states, “The relationship between the explicit violence and the post 9/11 terrorist attack anxiety is not the only element of 24 that would have been unthinkable on prime time network twenty years ago”(278). Personally I don’t believe that television makes you gain knowledge. I have never heard of anyone stating that until now. All my life I have heard that knowledge is earned not learned, meaning that you can’t just gain knowledge by pressing a button but rather picking up a book or newspaper. Yes, there are educational programs on PBS and National Geographic, but it is overshadowed by the shows that show us a false reality.   Dana Stevens supports my argument with a statement from her article “Thinking Outside of the Idiot Box” saying “as far as I can tell his thesis is that television shows have slowly grown more and more complicated over the last two decades, so that now, like rats in a behaviorist maze, trained viewers can differentiate among up to twelve distinct plot lines in shows like The Sopranos (295). Reality TV is one of the most viewed TV programs watched by Americans.   It shows how “real” life is portrayed following a person or certain group. Steven Johnson stated that “reality programming borrowed another key ingredient from games: the intellectual labor of probing the system’s rules for weak spots and opportunities” (290). Reality TV shows are quick to show the weakness of a social group and exploit it causing the people to watch it view that person as a figurehead of this social group in the wrong way.   If they don’t only have the wrong view of a person some misinterpret a show, like in Teen Mom.   Instead of seeing the hardships of a 15-16 year old having a kid, that 15 or 16 year old was praised for having that child.   Or possibly that its ok to get drunk all the...
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