Women Status in Bangladesh

Topics: Marriage, Human rights, Law Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Women are the part of our society. We really cannot think a human body without heart. Likewise, a society cannot be form and function without women. In this regard our national poet also quoted that the creation of the world whatever great and beneficial for human being are shared fifty by man and fifty percent women. So, without women the function of the society as well as the social institutions cannot be run well. Therefore the rights of men and women must be equal.

Bangladesh is a poor third world country where almost fifty percent of the population is women. From the British period the women of this subcontinent are neglected in different spares of life. Rights are the power and privilege to which one has a just claim. These rights can be right to life, right to proper education, right to property, right to education, right to opportunity etc. All this rights are enjoyed by a man aptly but sometimes these are violated for the women of our society. Their rights are not protected. However, eventually the government, the non-government organizations and other international organization started to establish equal rights.

The Constitution of the Republic of Bangladesh upholds the equality in all spheres of the state and public life, equality before law, equality of opportunity. The other adopted conventions also support the equality. Article 28(2) of The Constitution of the Republic of Bangladesh clearly states that Women shall have equal rights with men in all spheres of the State and of public life. If any law is passed which violates the said right, the law would be void under article 26 of the constitution. In the case of Dalia Parveen v. Bangladesh Biman (48 DLR132) it was declared that the fixation of 35 years as the age of retirement for a flight stewardess and 44 years for a flight steward is unconstitutional being differentiation on the ground only of sex.

In Bangladesh women’s marital rights are also governed by the respective religious...
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