Work with Babies and Young Children to Promote Their Development and Learning. (Cypop1)

Topics: Developmental psychology, Child development, Infant Pages: 13 (3161 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Unit Title: Work With Babies And Young Children To Promote Their Development And Learning. (CYPOP1)

| | | | |Questions |Answers |LO/AC | |1.1. Explain the pattern of |Birth: babies are born with reflexes of which, many are linked to survival such as: | | |development in the first three |Sucking and swallowing reflex so they are able to feed | | |years of life and the skills |Rooting reflex so babies can move their head and find a teat to help it find milk | | |typically acquired at each |Grasp reflex; babies automatically grasp whatever touches their palm | | |stage. |Startle reflex; babies react to sudden sound or bright light | | | |Walking and standing reflex; babies feet firm when they are held upright and their feet touch a surface | | | |1 month: by now, babies have settled into a pattern. They cry to communicate their needs and may stop when they hear a soothing voice, primarily their carer's. They also try | | | |hard to focus on whoever is holding them. They are less curled up and may coo and smile in their sleep. | | | |3 months: babies will have grown in height and weight, they are less likely to cry, sleep less and are far more alert. They are able to lift their head and turn it and will | | | |smile more and recognise the common voices around them. | | | |6 months: babies have learnt new skills. They are very alert and will turn their heads to see what is happening around them. They will smile and squeal with delight. They | | | |also can reach and grab what is in front of them will try to communicate. They will start teething will be painful for them but makes them stronger. They can sit up with | | | |support in a high chair and can roll over from back to front. | | | |9 months: Physical development is very noticeable. Most babies are crawling or finding other ways of being mobile. They are able to sit unsupported and explore more. Babies | | | |handle objects more and most things will be put into their mouths. Babbling becomes more tuneful and they will get excited when they hear words...
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