World War Z

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Tristen Lyle
2A Dead and Undead Lapham
The Ignorance of the Human Race
In 2006, a great piece of literature was written, its name: World War Z by Max Brooks. This book documents the survivors of the World War Z apocalypse; while of course this book is fictional it draws you in and will at times make you feel like you are reading a piece of non-fictional literature. This is what fascinated me most by it. Not only did the book draw you in with its non-fictional fiction style, its theme draws on a central problem on us as humans today. We are ignorant, in whole or in part, regardless if there are many or few. It’s sad that we are that way today, from all the wars to all the bomb threats that are thrown around annually by almost anybody and everybody because its “fear” that runs us as a society today. World War Z by Max Brooks brilliantly shows this theme and expands on it to reach deep inside the human psyche to reveal our dark, segregated minds.

This theme of ignorance shines through in many parts of the book, but one of the key points of it in my mind was the interview Max Brooks had with fictional interviewee, Saladin Kader. This man was ousted from the land he was born and raised in by Kuwait City by his own father. His father didn’t like the way the government was ran to the point where he decided to leave, he wasn’t poor, he wasn’t rich, and they lived a middle-class family life. Of course, since our governments and leaders of such have manipulated our minds, especially those of the young, we, as youth, side with the government. That is all we know, so we believe they are correct by nature. Kader called it “blasphemy” that which his father was doing. He admits in the interview he tried to “convince him with my adolescent logic”. Of course this whole experience stemmed from the main problem in the book, which was the emergence of “zombies”. The father had seen the reawakening of a zombie at the hospital while he was there, and realized the cover...
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