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1.What were your expectations with the class?
-Coming into class, my expectations were to learn the basic poses of yoga. I came into this class thinking it would be an easy and relaxing class that would be a nice break from my stressful business and capstone classes. I thought we would be learning all of the poses I’ve heard so much about from friends who take yoga classes regularly. I expected to gain strength and learn how to become more flexible as the class went on. I was expecting to only do the poses and participate in yoga through the class and not have the opportunity to bring what I’ve learned to my everyday life. 2.How was what you experienced different from what you expected? -As I said before, I expected to just learn the basic poses. However, I didn’t expect to learn the actual names of the poses or what the purpose of each pose was; I never realized there was a reason to each pose or any actual benefit. I didn’t expect to be using so many different muscles that I would be sore the next day and would be able to repeat the poses without any further instruction. I came into this class expecting it to be easy in the sense that the poses would be done once and then forgotten but I’ve learned that we need to continuously do the poses in order to understand the meaning and reap the benefits and gain the strength. This class is very different than any other fitness classes I have taken at Temple because I can take the poses and techniques I have learned in class and bring them to my home and outside class to practice. I knew yoga was about relaxing and finding a center but I didn’t expect to find a calmness and feel so relaxed after each class and after every time I participate in yoga. 3.How was your attitude affected by the experience of the postures, awareness, breathing and additional factors? -I would say I had a good attitude coming into this class and wanting to learn about the poses and gain flexibility that I knew I didn’t have. I feel like...
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