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Dear Zachary: A Letter to Son about his Father
“Dear Zachary: A Letter to Son about His Father” is a terrific documentary about an old couple, David and Kate Bagby, who faced many challenges and dealt very well with them. The couple’s son, Andrew Bagby is murdered by his psychopathic ex-girlfriend, Shirley Turner. Shortly after Andrew’s death, Shirley announced her pregnancy. After hearing this news, the filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, Bagbys’s good friend creates a documentary to serve as both a memorial to Bagby and an introduction to the father the child would never know. Imagine if you ever had to see your son’s killer: what would you do? Would you be wise as David and Kate Bagby? Would you let grandchild’s custody be given to the murderer of your son? And the most important question is why didn’t the authorities do something? I know I wouldn’t be as wise as David and Kate and drive hours to see my grandchild at my son’s murderer’s house. If I were to physically harm that person, I would and I still wouldn’t be able to do what David and Kate did.

I think the authorities did not do their job well. They caused emotional harm to David and Kate Bagby. I think that because they gave the custody of Zachary to the murderous mother while the grandparents were still alive and weren’t charged with murder. Also, eight people had retaining orders against her. The authorities could not be sure that she wasn’t going to harm the child; after all, she did kill his father. After killing Andrew Bagby, Shirley turner spent some time in jail until she was bailed out by her psychiatrist. She was then given custody of her son, but before letting her live with the child the authorities should have tested her by more than one psychiatrist. They should have done more research to be sure that she had a job and a house. In the documentary she calls David and Kate and says that she doesn’t have food to feed Zachary or have diapers. This shows how irresponsible the authorities were and...
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